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summary Enhance collaborative skills in the group
Argumentation According to Sanojca (2018) there are 3 core collaborative skills that collaborative groups have :

Having a “collaborative spirit” :This quality would mark a predisposition to enter into cooperation, it includes:

  • have a positive a priori towards collaboration
  • operate in reciprocity mode
  • be aware of interdependence with others

  • Co-designing the structure of his project : Animate a collaborative project starts from the design. Co-designing the structure of your project from the start would strengthen commitment and mutual motivation.

  • Having a concern for the common good : A project will generate productions. Placing these productions under the seal of the “common” would indicate the maturity of a group to cooperate / collaborate and would consolidate the long-term commitment
References Sanojca, E.. Les compétences collaboratives et leur développement en formation d’adultes : le cas d’une formation hybride. Education. Université Rennes 2, 2018. Français. PHD Thesis.