Inspiring a Broader Socio-Hydrological Negotiation Approach With Interdisciplinary Field-Based Experience

Auteur de la publication Massuel, S., Riaux, J., Molle, F., Kuper, M., Ogilvie, A., Collard, A-L., et al. (2018).
Présentation en quelques lignes Socio-hydrology advanced the field of hydrology by considering humans and their activities as part of the water cycle, rather than as external drivers. Models are used to infer reproducible trends in human interactions with water resources. However, defining and handling water problems in this way may restrict the scope of such modeling approaches. We propose an interdisciplinary socio-hydrological approach to overcome this limit and complement modeling approaches. It starts from concrete field-based situations, combines disciplinary as well as local knowledge on water-society relationships, with the aim of broadening the hydrocentric analysis and modeling of water systems.
Champs disciplinaires
  • Anthropologie
  • Hydrologie
  • Hydrogéologie
  • Sociologie
Pays d'interventions
  • Algérie
  • Maroc
  • Tunisie
Mots clef
  • Ressources naturelles
Type de publication Article
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