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summary Build organizational learning process in your design to promote cumulative learning at the level of organization
Argumentation Oberlack et al 2019 : " ToCs can facilitate cumulative learning at organizational levels.
The ToC approach can provide organization-level benefits when embedded in an organizational learning process involving larger numbers of similar projects. Deliberations on ToCs at the organizational level can be useful in two ways: first, for individuals within organizations, ToCs can enable mutual learning between staff conducting similar activities and using similar ToCs in different contexts, thereby promoting self-reflexive learning processes. Second, for organizations as a unit, longer-term learning processes regarding the validity of specific ToCs can help to build detailed, cumulative organizational knowledge about how, why, and under what conditions specific activities are effective or not. Such experience can refine organization-level ToCs reflecting the contextual and practical nuances of different contexts and activities in which an organization is engaged. Moreover, organization-level ToCs can support members in gaining greater clarity about the pathways and critical assumptions of the organization’s mission. Complementing individual job descriptions and organizational missions with a ToC can help members reflect on their own roles and competencies within the organization’s setup
References source : Oberlack et al 2019