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summary Pattern languages facilitate collective sense-making of complex topics.
Argumentation Patterns are more than lists of good practices. Like a language they form a generative systems which can produce meaningfull or menaingless combinations.
Part of the work of pattern language involves identifying key links, ie links that are essential to a successful design, between the various patterns.

Finidori (2014) summarized the Strategic challenges for systemic change :
- Gaining insight on intricate wicked problems and the hidden phenomena of the system
- Catalyzing and leveraging distributed agency
- Expanding views of reality and the whole system
- Creating conditions for coordination
- Generating coherence from disparate efforts
- Fostering shared discovery and mutual recognition
- Bringing the systemic (re)generative role of commons to awareness.

  • In a serie of articles, she suggests that "the concept of pattern has an unfulfilled potential as cognitive technology for meaning-making, mediation, systemic configuration and exchange of knowledge, both within and across domains of human activity. In particular, patterns have properties that could help address the unity versus diversity dilemma while dealing with complex challenges."
References - Finidori , H. (2014) . “A pattern language for systemic Transformation (pl AsT ) – (re)generative of commons”, <>
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