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PATTERN Category
summary Use or design methods explictly focussed on producing specific results or materials.
Argumentation Meeting can be design with rules that explictly ask participants to produce something (list of actions, plans, writen or visual synthesis, ...). It is particularly interesting to build upon material collected in previous sequences (STRING OF SEQUENCE) and take it further ( OUTPUTS AS INPUTS). Often use TIME CONSTRAINTS
  • Gray, D., Brown, S., Macanufo, J. (2010). Gamestorming, A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers.
  • Ricaud, L. and Lacayrouze, M. 2018 Faire Ensemble, 60 cartes pour réinventer vos réunions. Card deck.
Linked patterns (Larger or smaller patterns) STRING OF SEQUENCE, OUTPUTS AS INPUTS, TIME CONSTRAINTS