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Establish shared goals to ensure move collectively in the same direction
Argumentation ToC practice requires enabling operational conditions.
ToCs are resource-intensive due to their continuous, participatory character. As noted, ToCs are especially useful if elaborated collaboratively and employed in an ongoing process of critical reflection and learning. This requires that project members and stakeholders are willing and able to spend sufficient time and resources actively engaging in the process. Our review showed that ToC use was particularly successful when projects explicitly budgeted and planned the process in advance, and agreed on joint meetings from the beginning. Nevertheless, we also found that joint elaboration of ToCs with all project stakeholders, often from different backgrounds, can be challenging, and compromise may be necessary to agree on goals. Indeed, establishing shared goals is essential to developing ToCs that can be used to generate transformation knowledge.
source : Oberlack et al 2019
References Oberlack et al 2019